Innovation with Sikkens Autocoat® BT Continues

Introducing New LV650 Infuse


A collection of three specialty coatings that helps customers within the Commercial sector create their own custom “look which provides aesthetic
appeal and functional enhancement. The three new coatings are......

SpeckCoat – Named for its speckled duo light and dark-toned finish and medium coarse texture, SpeckCoat is highly durable and mar-resistant, making it an ideal coating for the wear-and-tear of frequently used areas like interior compartments and storage areas

FormCoat – This hard-working coating’s high film build and densely populated texture provides exceptional durability and helps hide vehicle surface flaws, yet provides an attractive looking finish in virtually any color. Available in two textures―medium and small―FormCoat is super easy to apply and is flexible enough for use on both interior and exterior areas like handrails and truck cabins

LumiCoat – This semi-transparent topcoat with metallic infused sparkles is highly reflective and perfect for an enhanced aesthetic look. LumiCoat can be sprayed over any LV650 color or FormCoat color, and provides improved visibility when exposed to light sources.

“We’re very encouraged about the customer feedback we’ve received during testing,” said Kevin Romine, AkzoNobel’s CV & OEM Product Manager. “Each Infuse specialty coating offers the durability and ease-of-application customers expect from AkzoNobel products, but with new aesthetic options that give them the flexibility they’ve been looking for.”