LV650 2 Pack System










The LV650 2pk system simplifies mixing and takes the guess work out of adapting to seasonal variability with the development of a year round reducer.  The system offers the following components pre-reduced: LV650 surfacer, LV650 sealer, LV650 RM topcoat, LV650 RM basecoat, and LV650 clear.   

The enhanced formulation has simplified the mix ratios to promote consistent results, time over time.  That means lower cost and shorter preparation time, which increases shop productivity without sacrificing quality.

Using Sikkens Autocoat BT LV650 2pk assortment pre-reduced or by adding the 2pk reducer onsite, streamlines the process improving overall productivity with the same premium results.  AkzoNobel is proud to deliver another Proven Productive Solution to the Sikkens Autocoat BT assortment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 2 PACK Mix Ratio 2 PACK VOC3 PACK Mix Ratio3 PACK VOC
LV650 Surfacer6:13.5 VOC5:1:13.5 or 2.8 VOC
LV650 Sealer6:13.5 VOC5:1:13.5 or 2.8 VOC
LV650 Topcoat3:13.5 VOC100:40:253.5 or 2.8 VOC
LV650 Basecoat4.5:13.5 VOC3.5:1:13.5 or 2.8 VOC
LV650 Clear3:12.8 VOC2.5:1:13.5 or 2.1 VOC