LV650 Surfacer

Now Available as a 2 Pack!


​Sikkens Autocoat® BT LV650 Surfacer is a two-component, high solids urethane surfacer. It provides high build, excellent sanding properties and an extra smooth finish when sanded.

LV650 Surfacer is all about productivity. Its high film build covers surface defects quickly without the worry of sagging. The excellent sanding properties results in less sandpaper waste and faster throughput. LV650 Surfacer shares a common hardener with the rest of the LV650 product line meaning less inventory is needed.

New 2 Pack 3 Pack
3.5 VOC 2.8 or 3.5 VOC
6:1 Mix Ratio 5:1:1 Mix Ratio
All Season Reducer Built-in

 Extra Slow, Slow, Medium, 
 or Exempt Reducer

Process System Techniques (PST)